If you care about the environment and are willing to contribute to communities’ development, Saifana is the right place to visit and stay at.

Why Eco-Tourism?

Tourism in Lombok is increasing and many people visit this area to climb the Rinjani volcano and take a walk to beautiful waterfalls. By partnering with a local guides association, Saifana supports local economic development. We also organize weaving workshops  to promote local handicraft.

Why Organic Agriculture?


Concerned by the increasing use of chemicals in agriculture, Saifana is demonstrating an alternative way of growing vegetables without using any toxic pesticide or herbicide: this is organic agriculture. At Saifana, we produce our own compost and bio-pesticides (using only natural plants). We produce cashew nuts (processed locally) and also juices and jam from the cashew apples. The goal is to encourage local farmers to adopt organic agriculture, so that soil fertility can be preserved, quality food can be produced, and the health of the farmers and their families can be protected.