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From Lombok International Airport, it takes an hour drive to get to Mataram, the capital city and then another two hours to reach the North of the island, Bayan and the village of Loloan where Saifana is located.

You can drive along the coast and admire a succession of coves with postcard scenery (Senggigi), or go through the mountains and stop to feed monkeys (Gunung Sari).

We can pick you up

Airport                                                           600 000 IDR

Lembar                                                          600 000 IDR

Bangsal                                                          300 000 IDR

Mataram                                                        400 000 IDR

Kuta Lombok                                                 650 000 IDR

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Saifana rents motorbikes and cars to allow you to visit Loloan and its surroundings.​

A scooter                                                    60 000 IDR/ day

A car (with driver)                                       700 000 IDR/ day