A Family Dream Project

Saifana is a community-based space in North Lombok. We grow food in permaculture gardens and our main focus revolves around sustainable living and local economic development.

At the very beginning, the land was an abandoned cashew orchard.

After getting rid of the weeds, bushes and rocks, we could finally start our dream project.

We chose the name « Saifana » which are the first letter of Anne-Sophie’s and Tikno’s 7 children (Safira, Atias, Ili, Fanny, Adrian, Namori and Amina). 

Permaculture Garden

Our area isn’t really known for agriculture. It is extremely dry (from April to mid-November we don’t get a single drop of rain), we don’t have any access to fresh water and the soil is rocky and is very poor in nutrients.

You might wonder, how is it possible to grow anything ? Well, this is when permaculture kicks-in!

Through permaculture techniques, we are able to build a new soil for our gardens. To do so, we mix our soil with different organic matter that’s available around us (branches, old logs, leaves, manure…). We create a lasagna type of soil by digging a garden bed and adding different layers of organic matter. We then close the bed with our soil and compost and tada!

This garden bed will last 5 years and will get better overtime! Even though we are still learning and experimenting, our goal is to en courage local farmers to adopt organic agriculture or permaculture, so that soil fertility can be preserved, quality food can be produced, and the health of the farmers and their families can be protected.

Community-based tourism


Tourism in North Lombok is increasing and many people visit our area to climb Mount Rinjani and take a walk to the famous waterfalls Tiu Kelep and Sendang Gile. But there’s so much more to do! 


At Saifana, we believe that tourism should involve local communities and initiatives. We are lucky and grateful to be close to our community so we invite our guests to immerse themselves in the rich culture and handicraft of Bayan. Wether it is natural dyeing and weaving, agroforestry coffee plantation or a coral restoration project, you’ll always find passionate people and amazing projects to support!


Saifana is the home base for « Trash Hero Bayan », a volunteer-led movement that drives change within communities, motivating and supporting them to clean and prevent plastic waste.

Every Friday mornings, we organize a cleanup in Bayan area. If want to join us, check our next cleanup location our Facebook page « Trash Hero Bayan ».

Together we can make a difference!