Spend the night at the farm 


Spend a night in one of our five wooden bungalows which are built in the gardens and are part of the integrated system.

All the bungalows were build with local techniques, which makes them earthquake-proof. They are all equipped with solar-panels and were designed to have the lowest carbon footprint. Like all the Sasak houses, each bungalow has its private hut (called Beruga) in which you can get a sasak massage or admire the sunset.

350 000 IDR / night


We serve daily breakfast, lunch and dinner. All our food and drinks are made with love and prepared on demand. We proudly select quality & locally sourced ingredients.  You won't find any MSG, preservatives, food coloring, frozen or processed foods, instant food & drinks or even a microwave in our kitchen.


Our farm meals are recipes from the women in our village. We're talking real local food & someones’ grandma has been making it for a very long time.


Restaurant can be rented for events. Feel free to contact us for more info.

Our products

Come and have a look at our small shop where we sell homemade products and local crafts. 

Our cashews

Our homegrown cashews are individually hand-cracked and sun-dried to leave the smallest carbon footprint. We do not use any forced heating to preserve all the precious raw nutrients and the natural creamy-sweet taste.

Our jams

All our jams contain at least 60% of fresh fruits. No preservatives, artificial colors or flavors are used.
We only produce in small batches to capture the true flavor of each ingredient.


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